Hiring Zetta was one of the best decisions we made. We found much of the work was automatable—including many steps I never thought a script could do—and were able to accomplish that work with a much smaller percentage of our budget. It was a huge win for me and my team.” - Lead Software Developer, RoosterPark

We have been blown away at her abilities and experience, seeing how she was able to jump into our workflow and come up with innovative ways to restructure our production pipeline.  Her scripts have built a ton of flexibility into our process, something we only dreamed of. ”   - Lead Product Photographer, New Balance

” I can’t imagine where we would be right now without the benefit of your tools.” - CEO SkyComp inc.

 You helped me discover a whole set of possibilities I hadn’t worked with before. Very hard to live without those sort of tools now. I got so used to it, it makes working with [other] export processes feel really clumsy!” – Senior Technical Artist Electronic Arts

” Thanks for making us a priority when we needed it.  We’ve saved so much time with your toolsets… I’ll be coming back for more." - Metro Desk Clipping Path Services.

With my new setup, I’m able to work so efficiently I can afford to expand my services to help low income patients as well.  You are helping me help others.  Thank you!” - Real Life Skin Alloplastic Reconstruction